Thank you for joining the Kamikaze Zombie Street Team and becoming part of The Crude Mutant Crew. Without you we are nothing! 

Make sure your email address is one you check regularly, this is how we will communicate with you. Sending flyers and various marketing tools.  

For joining you will receive :

- Access to purchase Albums and new material at half price, before it is release to the public.

- Free Crude Mutant Crew T-shirt  

- Tickets to *ANY* show Kamikaze Zombie plays at half price.  

- some shows you will have a chance to win free tickets. 

(which will not be available  to the public.)

Thanks for being a Crude Mutant.  


Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully. By applying to be a member of The Crude Mutant  Crew, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.


Participation in The Kamikaze Zombie Street Team  is voluntary, non-paid and open to residents of the United States. You must be 18 years old or older to apply.

Not everyone who applies for The Kamikaze Zombie Street Team will be chosen. You will be notified within 30 days following the day of your application if you are accepted. 


As a member of The Kamikaze Zombie Street Team, you may be asked to (i) share on social media certain recordings or videos by Kamikaze Zombie , (ii) share on social media certain information about Kamikaze Zombie , (iii) post on social media about Kamikaze Zombie , (iv) put up posters for Kamikaze Zombie, their performances or Releases  (v) connect with lifestyle shops, and/or other fans, hype the crowd at shows. 

You agree the above activities are voluntary on your part and you are not being instructed or required to do any of the activities. You also acknowledge that, by participating in The Kamikaze Zombie Street Team , you are not an employee, intern, agent or contractor of the label or any of its affiliated companies.


Each Crew member is personally and solely responsible for all content they post, other than what is specifically provided by Kamikaze Zombie . Crew members must not post any content, image, music or logo that is not owned by the Crew member, unless it has been furnished by Kamikaze Zombie  for sharing purposes.

Crew members must not make any statement on social media or elsewhere that is false or that is disrespectful of anyone, or that in any way invades the privacy of any person. Crew members must not make or use any insult, slur or obscenity in their posts against any individual, group of people or otherwise.

Each Crew member must obey all applicable laws and not engage in any criminal activity when involved in any activity as a Crew member.


You understand Kamikaze Zombie is not making any commitment to you as to how long or how actively you may or will participate as a member of The Crew. You agree that your participation in The Crew may be ended by Kamikaze Zombie at any time by notifying you via email.


By participating in The Kamikaze Zombie Street Team , you are allowing us and others we designate to photograph and record you, and to use your name, voice, photographs and videos in all media throughout the world in perpetuity in connection with the marketing and promotion of recording of Kamikaze Zombie , the business of Kamikaze Zombie , and/or your activities as a member of The Crew. You understand that you will not receive any compensation for any of those uses.

We will not share any personally identifiable information about you with any third party. 


You understand Kamikaze Zombie  is not providing any transportation, parking, insurance or other benefits or reimbursements for you. You are responsible for all of your own costs and expenses as a member of The kamikaze Zombie Street Team.

Each Crew member is solely responsible for any injury or damage caused by them while engaging in activities as a Crew member. Kamikaze Zombie will not be responsible for any injury or damage that results from any Crew member’s conduct.

You release Kamikaze Zombie from all liability and damages in connection with your participation as part of The Kamikaze Zombie Street Team. If you make any legal claim against Kamikaze Zombie  in connection with your participation in The Crew or the use of any image or recording of you, you will be limited to a claim for money damages and you will not be entitled to any injunction or other equitable relief.

You represent and warrant that, by applying for participation in The Kamikaze Zombie Street Team, you have read these Terms and Conditions, you understand these Terms and Conditions, you have the authority to agree to these Terms and Conditions, and you will abide by these Terms and Conditions.

In the Subject section please write in

"Street Team."  

in the message tells why you want to be a 

Street Team member. 

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